Special Offers


Howa 1500

Howa 1500
.223 Sporter
Upgraded from standard package
Nikko Sterling, Diamond, Long Range 4-16x50 scope,
RCC mod
Rifle bag



Webley  Scott 900X Sporter

Webley & Scott 900X Sporter
Over & Under
Single Trigger Manual Safety
Pistol Grip Stock 12g 30
on order



MountMaster AO Illuminated

MountMaster AO Illuminated HoldFast© Reticle 4-12x50 Nikko Stirling MountMaster AO illuminated, One Inch Tube illuminated HoldFast© Reticle 4-12x50 with rings
RRP €165



Mora Fixed Blades

Mora Fixed Blades
Approved Stockist For:
Elk Ridge

 From €10 to €40 


Gun Safes

Infac Safes

Infac Safes
3 Gun Single Key Opp.

S 5 Gun Single Key Opp.

SD 5 Gun Deep for Rifles with Top Lock Box 

SD 10 Gun Deep for Rifles with Top Lock Box 

Ear Muffs

Impact Electronic Ear Muffs

Impact Electronic Ear Muffs
Adjustable Closure
Earmuff actively listens and shuts off loud impulse noises like gunfire to a safe 82 dB
4X sound amplification enhances low level frequencies like range commands, conversation and forest sounds


Thermal Spotters

Thermal Image Spotterspng

Thermal Image Spotters
 From €799