Tri-Colour Flashlight

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Illuminate Your Hunt

Experience precision in your hunting expeditions with this high-performance flashlight. Its design, including a 50mm front lens and a slender 25mm diameter body, ensures both power and portability. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it offers extended use without compromising on performance. What sets this flashlight apart is its focusable beam, allowing seamless adjustment from wide to narrow, adapting effortlessly to varying hunting needs. The dimmable control feature adds an extra layer of versatility, complementing the solid aluminum construction that guarantees durability in rugged environments. Noteworthy is its white beam reaching up to 400m, offering exceptional visibility for hunting. Switch between integrated colors—red, green and clear white, at the flick of a switch, without the need for refocusing.



IR Torch
(For Use With Night Vision Scopes)

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Elevate Your Night Vision

Discover the epitome of advanced illumination designed for night vision equipment. This cutting-edge flashlight integrates various light frequency beams, including white light, IR850, and IR940, catering specifically to digital night vision needs. Its unique design optimizes performance for different night vision formats, offering high output or virtually indetectable illumination. Beyond its technical prowess, this flashlight comes complete with accessories, ensuring a seamless transition between modes. The effortless mode-switching feature enables swift adjustments, making it an indispensable tool for night vision enthusiasts. This flashlight redefines night vision experiences, enhancing precision and adaptability in nocturnal environments.



All flashlights are dimmable, zoomable and adjustable.

Each flashlight comes with one 18650 rechargeable battery and kit.

Additional batteries are available separately for €15 each.